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Every Village is a Christian organization solely focused on serving the people of South Sudan, Africa across three platforms:

   (1)  Radio to broadcast the gospel for spiritual growth

   (2)  Water to provide life-giving clean water for physical health

   (3) Training to build up & equip our staff members & local church leaders for outreach into their communities.  


My family has been supporting this ministry for years and it was exciting to have an opportunity to go abroad and be with the people we have been praying for.  I was able to travel with leadership to Mvolo and Tonj, South Sudan on this mission trip to assess the efforts of the ministry, an opportunity to see how the Radio and Water teams were doing, and to see successes as well as areas that could use support. 

While in Mvolo, we learned from our Water team that approximately one-third of the water wells we have drilled are not working due to maintenance issues or lack of spare parts.  We watched as women walked past a broken well with jerry cans to retrieve water elsewhere (luckily, there was another well close by, but that is not always the case).  Another well located near a school required 3 girls pumping with extra force to draw water for them to drink.  The positive side to these issues is that the leadership team was realistic in their expectations that water wells will not last forever and  have already started planning ways to provide better sustainable practices for repairing to help the communities and are working to implement these solutions.

In our time talking to the Radio teams in both locations, it was affirmed that God uses things beyond our imagination.  This was revealed to me as we learned that the radio has been a source of physical healing through broadcast and phone-in prayers, while my previous understanding of the radio was only a means to spread the bible for spiritual impact.  Another was learned when talking to a young staff member who came to work for Every Village on the Radio team to “transform lives”, the station’s motto, after his life was transformed by listening to the broadcasts.  

After returning, my family participated in the annual Every Village 5K Run-for-Radios to raise funds to deliver radios to the communities in South Sudan so more people could hear the radio and further spread the gospel.  This is one way you can participate in supporting locally, but many opportunities to get involved are provided on their website at everyvillage.org.