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I volunteered at The Branch Enrichment Program which is sponsored by Chapelwood United Methodist Church. Its mission is to know, share and celebrate the hope of God with children in Houston.


It is for children in first through fifth grades. Their goal is to provide recreational activities that promote physical, spiritual and academic enrichment.


The Enrichment Program seeks to serve roughly 35 children (7 per grade) from the surrounding SBISD Elementary Schools.


I chose this program because I love investing in and touching the lives of children. This particular program appealed to me because it is Christian-based. Each week the children are taught a Bible story and the following days, activities are centered around that story. Prayer is an integral part of their afternoon as well. These students see the volunteers living out the Gospel.


My favorite thing about my time each week was the smile on the kids’ faces when the volunteers sit with them, read to them and just interact with them. Hearing some of their stories of their lives made me realize what an impact a safe and loving environment means to these children.


There are many opportunities for volunteers in this program. Everyday, volunteers either drive the van or ride in a van that picks up the children from the various Elementary schools. Other opportunities include interacting with the children during the recreational activities, serving snacks and helping with the Bible activities and tutoring. To learn more or volunteer, please visit this link.

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