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What is Industrial Cold Storage?

Fundamentally, the cold storage industry facilitates the processing, packing, movement, and storage of temperature-sensitive, perishable, and frozen food products that are shipped from producers or processing facilities to foodservice distributors, grocery stores, restaurants, and/or directly to the consumer.

Facility Types

Production Facilities

Typically located near raw material production, these facilities maintain large amounts of equipment for processing, have a narrower customer base, and are often purpose built.

Distribution Centers

Often in large urban areas and typically serve retail or commercial food customers in a major metro market or region. They focus on providing storage, product handling, distribution management, and other services primarily for refrigerated and frozen packaged goods.

Last Mile/Last Touch

Usually smaller facilities at in-fill locations that give the operator a thirty minute or less proximity to their customers.

Why Industrial Cold Storage?

Our focus on the development and acquisition of Industrial Cold Storage is driven by the sector's convergent tailwinds, led by changes in consumer trends in the last 3 years including growth in online grocery shopping, increased demand for last mile delivery locations, and overall population growth.

Goods & Products tied to the Cold Storage Supply Chain:

Fresh Strawberries
Flowers for Sale
Shrimp, Clams & Oysters
Sorting Medicine

Fresh Fruit & Produce

Dairy Products


Meat & Seafood


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