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Matthew joined i3 in November 2017 assisting with building maintenance at Spring Valley Medical Plaza. Matthew is quick on his feet to maintain tenant satisfaction and preserve a wonderful location for their many clientele, thanks to his prior experience at Mossy Nissan as a service writer. Matthew also previously worked at Green Bank N.A. as an intern over the past five years seasonally where he learned the needs of a large office and how to address them. On a day to day basis, Matthew works directly with subcontractors, and oversees that whatever job is called for, our business partners and their technicians get it done quickly and effectively so as to exceed expectations.

Matthew has a passion for outdoor climbing, camping, and backpacking at high altitudes. Down at sea level, Matthew enjoys participating in motorsports, such as autocross and drifting, as well as photographing local race or show events. Matthew also likes to bike, skate and adventure the great Houston park systems.

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